Barakah 2.0 (Creating your own Sustainable and Purified Financial Wealth)


  • This is a self-paced online only course
  • All about Riba’
  • Understanding Barakah
  • Investments, Insurance – Which is okay?
  • W. E. A. L. T. H
  • Charting your Family and own life
    The Barakah Effect

Earning through our income and spending money can be an ibadah - if we do it correctly and in a lawful (halal) way. If done right, the money we earn can also grow. This is Barakah.

But the Barakah from our money may disappear if:

- We spend our money wantonly on flashy things that serve no real benefit.

- Our income source has elements of Riba in it.

- We are not managing our money well enough to sustain the people who are important to us.

This 6-week program will be run by financial experts and asatizah that will help you equip yourself on your journey to attain sustained and purified wealth. The program will cover all about money and how we can maneuver our way to retaining and increasing our barakah from it while avoiding the pitfalls that take it away.

The course will talk about:

- Investing and growing your money in a halal way

- Defining riba and how we can avoid and at least minimize ourselves with its dealings

- Planning for the future… or the unexpected.

- Ensuring that the Barakah in your wealth grows along with YOU!

Here are the topics that will be covered:

Week 1: All about Riba' - Ustazah Surina & Ustaz Hamrey

- Understanding RIBA and how it became what it is today. Not just locally. But globally.

- Let's go back into history. RIBA exists way before Prophet Muhammad saw time and Allah swt sent down the verses to solve this issue.

- However, as we know it is not as simple as that. As long Iblis and Syaitan are in the game to make us go astray, there will always be a new development of new Riba programs.

Now how do we cleanse our wealth?

Week 2: Understanding Barakah - Ustazah Surina & Ustaz Hamrey

- Understanding Barakah

- Surah Yusof - The Cycles

- Importance of Wealth Circulation

- Allah doesn't need your money

- Some for you. Some for your Family and some for the community

Week 3: Investments, Insurance - Which is okay? -Syed Afiq & Ustaz Hamrey

- Investment & Insurance

- Types of investment & Insurance

- Haram elements in investment & insurance

- How does one purify it?

Week 4: WEALTH - Zaid Masagos

W. E. A. L. T. H

- An easy money management concept applied to practicing Muslims.

W stands for Work

E stands for Education

A stands for Always there

L stands for Love

T stands for Time

H stands for Happiness

Find out how all this comes together!

Week 5: Charting your Family and own life - Syed Afiq

From Birth to Death. Charting your Life and your family's life.

Planning a whole life of finances can be a daunting task. From marriage to the birth of your first child and then to your first house, etc etc. If you knew this, would you prepare for it?

Let Mr Afiq share with you the whole process. Everyone's life is different but most of us will fall into this template even if we are earning a low income.

Week 6: The Barakah Effect - Zaid Masagos

- The Barakah Effect.

What are we really striving for? Do we really need all the wealth in the world to make us happy? How do we balance this out?

Let's find out in this last session with Mr. Zaid Masagos.